PRD Drill Max HC 500

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PRD Drill Max HC 500 - Technical Specifications
Hole Diameter 90 mm - 127 mm (31/2" - 5")
Dril Rods - DIA 76 mm (3")
Drill Rods - Lenth 3,050 mm (10ft)
Drill Depth up to 15 m (50ft)
Weight 2,540 kg
Height 2,350 mm
Length 5,160 mm
Width 1,950 mm
Ground Clearance 275 mm
Rotation Tirque 1,765 mm
Rotation RPM 0 - 50 RPM
Pull Up Pull Down Force 1,500 kgf (14.7 kN)
Tramming Speed 2.5 km/hr
Optional Rod Changer system, dust suppression
* Above Specification subject to Change without prior notice or obligation due to continuous design improvements. Compressor
* Pressure Rating 150 - 200 psi;FAD350 - 450 CFM ( Recommended for optimum 41/2" Drilling )
* Compressor does not from part of standard scope of supply
Unmatched Productivity HC DRILL MAX 500 maintains high level of productivity even under the toughest conditions Advanced hydraulics for boom and feed positioning, Rotation & feed and tramming ensures superior performance
Unmatched Stability The study design incorporates strong ground support which ensures superior stability
Unmatched mobility The operator-friendly and compact construction ensure Smooth and easy maneuverability and hassle-free site To-site transport even on rough terrains. The robust diesel Engine and hydraulic tramming motors help attain tramming speed of

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